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19. jan 12:00 – 24. feb 16:00

2019 / Utstilling /

Noora and Kimmo Schroderus is an artist couple from Salo, Finland. The exhibition Scientific Observations  in Kunsthall Grenland is the artist duo’s first private exhibition in Norway.

Utstillingen åpner lørdag 19. januar kl. 13:00

Kimmo Schroderus: Double-Minded (2018)
Kimmo Schroderus: Double-Minded (2018)
Noora Schroderus: Embroidered Bank Notes, 2016
Noora Schroderus: Embroidered Bank Notes, 2016

In their upcoming exhibition Scientific Observations the Schroderus duo will present mostly separate works and one mutual one. In Noora’s and Kimmo’s case the title is referring to their way of observing and remodeling ordinary, everyday phenomenas and materials, and presenting them in other contexts.

In the exhibition Noora is presenting her work Canis lupus familiaris (2017). The art work consists of thirty framed portraits of dog’s names, embroidered with each dog’s own hair. The doghair has been donated from different dogs and their owners. Noora’s sympathetic series suggests that name is what makes a dog meaningful, and that a relationship with a dog can sometimes be profounder and more meaningful than many human relationships.

Another work from Noora also includes embroidery, a series of framed, embroidered bank notes collected from all over the world. In this series (Embroidered Bank Notes, 2016) the artist has embroidered hair on the prestigious figures that appear on the bank notes. The work has a humorous approach to its subject and brings the rulers and the great men of the bank notes of into new light.

Kimmo will present his newest works from his upcoming extensive private exhibition in gallery Forum Box in Helsinki in October 2018. For example the sculptor has been working on a series of acid-resistant steel figures which have the shape of a large snake-like creature with a human face as both head and tail (Double-minded, 2018). The works have been produced with silicone molds, which the artist has reformed and shaped by hand: according to the artist, the work is a sculptor’s approach to present-day editing and excision methods and practices. Kimmo often deals with personal issues in his works, and many works are surprisingly dealing with the artist’s self, even though they might not seem so on the first look.

The exhibition is curated by Nina Toppila

Artist Biography

Kimmo Schroderus
Kimmo Schroderus

Kimmo Schroderus (born in 1970) is an accomplished Finnish sculptor. He graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Kimmo has had numerous private exhibitions both in Finland and internationally, and he has also conducted many public art works in Finland. In 2004 Kimmo was awarded the Ars Fennica Award and in 2007 the William Thuring Award. The subject matters and themes of Kimmo’s new works deals with the dilemmas between the pursuit of luxury and of everyday life, as well as middle age contemplation and the pursuit of immortality. In his works Kimmo’s emphasizes the artisan attitude towards art making, his affection for materials and his interest in insightful spatial solutions between the works and the space.

Sculptor Noora Schroderus (born in 1982) graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. Noora Schroderus changes everyday materials into an aesthetic work, without losing its’ original essence. Deformation of objects, materials and spaces and their original purposes is a theme that combines her production. Noora’s material choices differ from traditional art materials, and her works include materials such as authentic bank notes, human hair, body hair and animal fur.

Noora and Kimmo Schroderus often work together and have had many joint showings. The contents of the exhibitions are usually formed by both artists’ separate works, which certainly differs in their subject matters and materials, but merge together, creating a thought-provoking and a curious dialogue between each other.

Web: Kimmo Schroderus

Web: Noora Schroderus

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